Region: Turnagain
Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Standard uptrack to ridge. Skinned over to Hippy Bowl and looked into Todds Bowl.

Red Flags

Observer Comments

None observed. Overall signs pointing towards storm snow stabilizing and the concerns about persistent layers decreasing.
There was some evidence of small slides in Todds and the chutes into Todds from this storm. We also got a better look at the larger debris pile in Todds from the Thanksgiving weekend storm.
Hippy bowl had old debris and a blown in crown that may have been from this storm. Some of the debris is from the earthquake slide in Hippy Bowl.



Mostly clear and sunny
Temps in the teens
Winds light and variable

Snow Characteristics

Snow surface

Graupel from road to ridge with 1-2" of new snow.
Thin melt-freeze crust just under new snow from road to about 2000' from overnight cooling. Grabby...
Wind effect (crust to sastrugi) from 2100' to the ridge. Soft snow in protected areas. There was very mini wind slab pockets pulling out on the steep roll in common bowl.


Height of snow
1000': 4-6" including a thin crust on the ground
1300': 1' including a crust near the ground over moist facets
1400': 2' including a crust near the ground over moist facets
2000': 3' including a stout series of crusts at the ground
2500': 4' including a crust 1' deep and a stout series of crusts at the ground
3200': 4-6' see snow pit photo and video.
Dug 2 pits.
Pit #1 @ 3200' SW aspect. HS: 190 cm. 55 cm of new snow. Inconclusive results: Extended column test x 2 around new snow old snow interface. Partially propagated at 2 different interfaces. Melt-freeze crust 80 cm down CT 16 RP, CT 21 RP above crust. ECTX on this layer. November 23rd buried surface hoar 115 cm down. Deep tap test 22 RP. Surface hoar is laid over. Most of storm snow was 1F due to the strong winds during the storm.
Pit #2 @ 2300' North Aspect. HS 90cm. 40 cm new snow. Series of melt-freeze crusts 70 cm down all the way to ground. No results with stability tests.

Photos & Video



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