Region: Hatcher Pass
Location: Fishhook parking lot, El Dorado mountain

Route & General Observations

Numerous snowmachine triggered avalanches on 30+ degree slopes. Shooting cracks on anything above 25 degrees. Very dangerous to play in the mountains on 1/29. Thankfully everyone is safe.


One snowboarder was caught in the runoff of an avi (not pictured) but managed to ride into a clearing.

Avalanche Details

Avalanche details

Trigger SnowmachinerAvalanche Type Soft SlabAspect North Northeast
Elevation 3300ftSlope Angle 33degCrown Depthunknown
Width 90ftLength 175ft  

Red Flags

Obvious signs of instability

Recent Avalanches?YesCollapsing (Whumphing)?NoCracking (Shooting cracks)?Yes



New snow and lots of wind events recently. Temp dropped from 20s to negatives within past few days. Didn't seem to affect snowpack

Snow Characteristics

Snow surface

Deep shreddable pow. Tricky on slopes


Did an informal stability test and found an unstable layer about 18" down. Like ball bearings allowing the new stuff to just slide. Heads up!

Photos & Video