Professional Observer:   Wagner

Location:   Turnagain   -   Lipps

Date:   Mar 3rd, 2013

Mostly sunny, light east breeze and temps in the 20's.

Avalanche activity:
A few shallow wind slabs were encountered at the upper elevations. Sluffing was moderate.

*One large natural cornice fall onto the south face of Magnum Ridge occurred in the afternoon. This backcountry bomb pulled out a few pockets of slab on its way down. These pockets seemed confined to the 3' of recent storm snow and did not propagate too wide, nor break too deep which is a good sign. Right under the cornice it was scoured to the rocks and may have pulled out a couple small sections of snow near the ground.

Surface conditions:
Mostly loose powder snow with some wind effect at higher elevations. The sun dampened the southerly aspects slightly. The light breeze and a few clouds seemed to limit the sun damage however and I don't expect tomorrow's sun crusts to be very thick.

Photo 1. Shallow wind slab on the west face of Lipps ridge.


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