Professional Observer:   Kevin Wright

Location:   Turnagain   -   Turnagain Pass

Date:   Dec 28th, 2012

Natural avalanche activity

Friday the 28th was a great day to look at the aftermath of the storm. The
patterns we saw...

- Widespread avalanche activity on slopes that rarely avalanche, from 1000-3500
feet elevation, all aspects (but most obvious on west and south).
- The east face of Seattle ridge was largely wind scoured. Crowns up high seem
to be blown in and hard to see.
- Some activity at high elevation may be invisible if it slid early in the storm
and filled back in by later snowfall.
- Crowns were consistently over 3 feet deep, pulling all the December snow,
failing on the extremely weak snow from early winter.
- Lipps in the second picture was a great example of large propagation that is
possible with a weak layer of this type.

Photo 1. Eddies natural avalanches
Photo 2. Lipps natural avalanche on south face. The entire south face section in this photo avalanched during the storm.
Lat: 60.7357 Long: -149.2266


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