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Nov 9th, 2014    Matt Murphy
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Nov 10th, 2014    Matt Murphy
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Nov 20th, 2014    Alex McLain
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Nov 21st, 2014    Moderow
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We will begin to issue intermittent advisories on Saturday Nov. 22nd. Once the snow begins to fly in earnest, daily 7am advisories will start. Do your snow dance!!
Turnagain Advisory
Saturday, November 22nd 2014
There is a MODERATE avalanche danger for wind slab avalanches at elevations near treeline and in the alpine. Below treeline a lack of snow cover results in no rating. Wind slabs and cornices have been forming over the past two days and may continue to grow today. These are 4-24" thick (variable) and will be possible to find and trigger on predominantly West and South aspects, although all aspects are suspect. The potential to trigger a wind slab will increase with elevation as the snow becomes drier and slabs need more time to bond.  Outlook for Sunday and Monday: The weather and resulting avalanche conditions are expected to be very similar for Sunday and into Monday. …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Saturday, November 22nd 2014
Ski season in the Summit Lake area still awaits. Except for maybe a few folks venturing to the upper elevations that harbor a bit of snow. In general, the Summit Lake area has recieved very little snow compared to Turnagain Pass. However, away from the road to the East there is much uncertainy as to how much snow has fallen in the past two days. After a wet avalanche and glide avalanche cycle occurring over a week ago (Nov. 7th-Nov. 12th). There has been no new avalanche activity reported. A l …
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