Feb 17th, 2015    H.Thamm/T.Glassett
Skier triggered avalanches on Tincan on Feb.17     Click for details.
Feb 26th, 2015    Predeger/ Wagner/ May
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Feb 27th, 2015    Fitzgerald
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Mar 31st, 2015   
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Apr 2nd, 2015    Predeger
hippy cornice     Click for details.


We are currently issuing advisories 5 days a week until our final advisory on Thursday, April 30th. Advisories will be posted at 7 am each day except Mondays and Wednesdays.
Turnagain Advisory
Saturday, April 18th 2015
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
There is a HIGH avalanche danger in the backcountry where heavy snowfall, rain and gale force winds are rapidly loading an already unstable snowpack. Large avalanches are likely to occur naturally and human triggered avalanches are very likely on all aspects and at elevations above 1,000'. These slides can be up to 5' deep, or more, and could propagate across entire slopes; nothing to mess with. *Hiking trails with avalanche paths above, such as the Crow Pass and Portage Valley areas, should be avoided as debris can funnel into snow free zones and cover portions of trail. Today's message is simple: Travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended, period. This includes runout zones and valley bottoms where debris from an avalanche releasing above can run. It's a good day to curl up and wat …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Saturday, April 4th 2015
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
We are no longer issuing weekly Summit Lake snowpack summaries for 2013/14; however, this does not mean that the avalanche season has ended - see below for some SPRINGTIME TIPS to review. Keep tabs on the Turnagain Pass advisory page as well as the Summit Lake area observations. We will be posting daily Turnagain advisories until April 12th before switching to 5 days a week until our final advisory on April 30th. …
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