Further Reading

This page contains resources for further reading on various avalanche subjects. Spend some time here to learn more about our local avalanche issues, research, and historical information.

Seward Highway Avalanche Atlas - downloadable pdf with maps, from the state of Alaska.

Historical look at avalanche fatalities in Denali National Park - ISSW 2012 paper by Kevin Wright and Tucker Chenoweth. This paper offers insights into the mechanisms and frequency that climbers in the Alaska range are killed by avalanches. Good reading if you are planning a climbing or ski trip to the big mountains of Alaska.

Investigating the Snow Climate of Turnagain Pass - ISSW 2012 paper by Wendy Wagner.

The Alaska Factor - This chapter from Joe Stock's guidebook to our region covers specific avalanche problems that may be uncommon outside our region.

Snow, Weather, and Avalanches - Observational Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States - Confused about all the detailed vernacular? This publication from the American Avalanche Association is the official key to all avalanche observation criteria. The SWAG manual is a required handbook for a level 2 avalanche course.

Avalanche Climatology of Alyeska Alaska - This paper by Cary Mock researches the climate characteristics of Alyeska resort based on 20 years of weather data. Climate conditions most closely resemble Alta, Utah and Mount Hood, Oregon when compared to other ski areas in North America.

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