Nov 24th, 2014    Predeger/ Wagner/ Fitz
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Dec 3rd, 2014    Wagner
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Dec 6th, 2014    Andy Moderow
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Dec 10th, 2014    Fitzgerald
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Dec 11th, 2014    TGlassett
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We will be issuing advisories 5 days a week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday) until Christmas week when we will begin with 7 day a week advisories. Keep doing your snow dance!!
Turnagain Advisory
Tuesday, December 16th 2014
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
A HIGH avalanche danger continues in the backcountry at elevations above 2,500'. Storm snow slab avalanches 2-5' in depth have the potential to release naturally and human triggered avalanches are very likely. These have the potential to run into the treeline elevation band between 1,000' and 2,500' where a CONSIDERABLE avalanche danger exists. Additionally, wet avalanches are possible at the mid-elevations on steep slopes over 40 degrees. Travel in avalanche terrain (slopes over 35 degrees with nothing steeper above you) is not recommended. It is game on in the backcountry. Although there is no snow at the road elevations, there is plenty of snow at the higher elevations. This week marks the first time this season we have a documented persistent weak layer in the snowpack. When this storm …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Saturday, December 13th 2014
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
The snowpack took a beating over the past week.  Southerly flow over the entire region was responsible for unusual weather for early December.  The beginning of the week, from the 7th to the 9th saw warm temperatures and rain up to approximately 2,500’ in elevation.  Since then the thermometer has dipped into the teens and 20sF.  As a result there is now a crust on all aspects 2,500’ and below.  Several days and nights of clear skies has allowed for the development of surface hoar in op …
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