Nov 20th, 2016    Public Observer
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Nov 21st, 2016    Heather Thamm
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Nov 20th, 2016    Johnston-Bloom / Moderow
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Nov 22nd, 2016   
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Nov 11th, 2016   
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Spring has rolled into the mountains with warm weather, sunshine and some rainy days in between. Although winter is coming to a close, avalanche season is still well underway. As the snowpack heats up, melts down and loses its strength, small to large wet avalanches are expected to continue region wide - into May. Be aware, these can release naturally or be easily triggered on steep slopes that are wet and saturated. The key is: If the snowpack frozen and hard = avalanches are unlikely. If the snowpack is soggy and supportable to your snowmachine/skis/boots/etc, it will easily slide down the mountian if the slope is steep enough = avalanches are probable. #playsafe
Turnagain Advisory
Thursday, April 27th 2017
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
The avalanche danger is MODERATE for today, but could increase to CONSIDERABLE by early evening. With daily warming human triggered wet avalanches will become possible on solar aspects this afternoon. Natural wet snow avalanches will also become possible later in the day. Additionally glide cracks continue to slowly creep open and can release without warning. Carefully monitor surface crusts throughout the day and be aware of steep terrain above you that may be heating up faster than you may expect. There is a LOW avalanche danger below 1,000’ where little snow remains. The one exception is in the Portage/Placer area where there is potential for an avalanche from above to run into this zone.  Hiking on summer trails during the springtime warm-up (including the Byron Glacier trail, Crow …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Saturday, April 15th 2017
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
We are no longer issuing weekly Summit Lake snowpack summaries for 2016/17; however, this does not mean that the avalanche season has ended - see below for some SPRINGTIME TIPS to review. Keep tabs on the Turnagain Pass advisory page as well as the Summit Lake area observations. We will be posting daily Turnagain advisories until April 16th and then switching to 4 days a week until our final advisory on April 29th. We will continue to post observations as long as you keep sending them in! L …
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