Feb 17th, 2015    H.Thamm/T.Glassett
Skier triggered avalanches on Tincan on Feb.17     Click for details.
Feb 26th, 2015    Predeger/ Wagner/ May
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Feb 27th, 2015    Fitzgerald
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Mar 9th, 2015    Fitzgerald
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Mar 31st, 2015   
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The Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center and Friends of the Chugach Avalanche Center are pleased to announce the launch of an observations program partnership with Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center. Our hope is that Hatcher Pass users will embrace the observations program in the same way Turnagain / Summit users have and begin regularly submitting observations and photos. These observations will help Hatcher Pass forecasters as they collect data for their next advisory. Click here to read recent Hatcher Pass observations. Please submit your own observations and spread the word to others!
Turnagain Advisory
Tuesday, February 9th 2016
The avalanche danger is MODERATE today above treeline where fresh wind slabs 1-2’ thick will be possible to trigger on freshly wind-loaded slopes.  Cornices are also of serious concern in the alpine as they are large and tender right now.  In the mid-elevation band, glide cracks are numerous and avalanching full depth, generally on their own schedule.  Note: The Girdwood Valley saw a lot more precipitation than Turnagain pass yesterday (see weather table below).  If headed into the backcountry around Girdwood expect fresh storm snow instabilities in addition to wind slabs and cornices. …
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Summit Weekly Summary
Saturday, February 6th 2016
ARCHIVED ADVISORY - Advisories expire after 24 hours.
Since active weather rolled into the Summit Lake area on Tuesday afternoon we’ve picked up 6-12” of heavy snow at the road level (1400’) and more in the upper elevations.  This is a significant load for a tenuous and shallow snowpack in the Summit Lake region and we can expect storm snow issues this weekend.  Winds have been moderate, largely from the NE and observed as actively transporting snow in the upper elevations on Tuesday (Feb. 2).  Precipitation has been falling primarily as s …
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